At Palace Hotel Group (“PHG”), we believe it to be our most important responsibility to respect your privacy and to protect your personal information with utmost care. Our websites comply with the laws concerning protection of personal information and the personal information you choose to provide online will be handled as follows:

1. Registration of Your Personal Information
Generally you may visit our websites in anonymity and without providing any personal information, but PHG will ask you to register your personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) in the following cases;
・ Inquiring or making reservations for accommodations, dining, banquets, functions and other hotel services
・ Requesting information on our services or properties
・ Purchasing our services and products
・ Subscribing to our email newsletters
・ Participating in our special offers and promotions or in our online surveys

In case we ask you to register your personal information for purposes other than the above, you will be advised accordingly of the purpose, content and methods of handling your information.

2. Maintenance of Security and Accuracy of Personal Information
PHG strives to manage and secure the privacy of your personal information and taking reasonable and proper measures to prevent improper access to, loss, destruction, falsification and/or leakage of personal information in our websites. In addition, in order to maintain accuracy of particular personal information transmitted through the Internet, we are taking proper measures by employing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) coding system and other systems.

3. Scope of PHG’s Website Privacy Policy
This Website Privacy Policy applies only to the websites administered by PHG hotels. We do not assume responsibility for the protection of personal information to other websites linked to our websites, with which you are recommended to check their privacy policies.

4. Use of Cookies
Our websites issue and use cookies to enhance your visit with web contents suited for you and for your convenience.
A cookie is a small text file that a website stores in a computer or a mobile terminal when you access a website.
Our website uses cookies for the following purposes;
・ For specifying you on our websites and provision of the functions of our websites
・ For analyzing your browsing behavior, etc. on our websites
・ For delivery of online advertisement

By adjusting your browser setting, you may be able to see in advance that a website uses cookies, and to accept or reject cookies. In case you set your browser to reject cookies, there may be some features that are not available to you.
If you wish to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies, please contact us at the contact point described in “Palace Hotel Group’s Personal Information Protection Policy.”

5. Access-log Recording
Our websites can keep track of your visiting histories. Our access-log contains your domain names, browsers, access dates, links used, etc. but such information does not identify individual names. Our access-log is utilized only for the purpose of maintaining our websites and statistically analyzing the customer usage of our hotel.

6. PHG’s Personal Information Protection Policy
For more details on our policy regarding the protection of your personal information, please refer to “PHG’s Personal Information Protection Policy.”

January 2020
Palace Hotel Co., Ltd